Mar 14, 2023 6:23pm

The Negative Mental Health Effects of Nicotine

My name is Myranda and I go to Cuba High School. This is my first year in Evolvement and the leadership program. As a youth advocate, I work to spread awareness in my community about how the sale of nicotine to minors is wrong and how it can affect our school systems. Our goal with the No Minor Sale campaign is to restrict the sale of tobacco products to minors. These products are very dangerous and using nicotine in adolescence can harm the parts of the brain that control attention, learning, mood, and impulse control, therefore getting in the way of our learning. 

Considering I am new to the program, I haven’t done very much yet, but I’ve tried to raise awareness in my school as much as I can by setting up a few booths and attending meetings to recruit others. I haven’t been to any large events but I’m very excited to get more involved. 

It is proven that 9 in 10 tobacco users start before the age of 18 so by preventing the sale of tobacco to minors, we are reducing tobacco use in general and improving health in New Mexico. 

Others should care about ending illegal tobacco sales to minors because there’s a higher chance youth will become addicted and long-term tobacco users, tobacco use is damaging to developing brains, and although users may think that it helps with anxiety and other problems like it, tobacco actually makes it a lot worse. I’ve seen what it can do and it’s important to me to end youth tobacco use because I don’t think it should be something in the school environment and it can greatly impact my peers’ lives.

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