No Minor Sale is an educational campaign working to reduce illegal tobacco sales to minors. This initiative is implemented by concerned citizens and parents across New Mexico and by Evolvement, New Mexico’s largest statewide youth-led movement. No Minor Sale is supported by the New Mexico Department of Health’s Nicotine Use Prevention and Control (NUPAC) program with Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement Funds.

Although youth are prohibited by law from buying tobacco, roughly 15% of tobacco retail stores illegally sold tobacco to minors from 2017–2018. If youth perceive that it is easy to access tobacco, they are more likely to use it.

Research overwhelmingly shows that restricting youth access to tobacco decreases use and reduces their likelihood of becoming established tobacco users. Nearly 9 in 10 tobacco users start before age 18, making youth tobacco prevention one of the single most powerful strategies we have to reduce tobacco use and improve health in New Mexico.

Youth Tobacco Use Is On the Rise

Over 1 in 3 of New Mexico high school youth reported current e-cigarette use in 2019. This increased by nearly 10% from 2017 showing the growing popularity of vape products among young people.

Young People Purchase Tobacco Products in Stores

A study found that 74% of kids purchase JUUL® flavor pods at a retail location while only 6% purchase them online.

JUUL® is a registered trademark of JUUL LABS, INC.

Tobacco Regulations Make a Difference

Students living in states with no or minimal tobacco regulations are more likely to be daily smokers when compared to those living in states with strong regulations.

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