Apr 12, 2023 8:11pm

The Need for Flavor Restriction Policy Support

Hello my name is Danielle Zunie. I’m an upcoming sophomore at Farmington High school. This is my first year in Evolvement and my first year on the leadership team. Evolvement is a youth-led organization connecting with our communities to make change happen. 

One of the campaigns a part of Evolvement is No Minor Sale. This campaign’s main goal is to try to reduce the illegal sale of tobacco products and educate everyone about flavored tobacco products. Did you know 97% of youth who vape use flavors and cite flavors is a key reason they start tobacco product use? At such a young age they have been set on a path leading toward addiction.

I have completed 1 partner presentation and 1 event with No Minor Sale to spread awareness about this issue. My first opportunity was talking to the Farmington Boys & Girls Club. We met with them and educated them on the dangers of using tobacco. I also talked about how menthol in cigarettes is harder to quit than non menthol cigarettes, which could lead to addiction. My second opportunity was a table at a local community event called “Bark in the Park”. At this event, me and another Evolver collected surveys. These surveys collect data from local New Mexicans, and are then used as statistics when we meet with legislators discussing policies.

I feel ending the illegal sale of tobacco to minors is so important because as the years go on and on, kids as young as elementary students are exposed to tobacco. Making this policy change will change the lives of the kids for the better. They can focus on their future and achieve their dreams.

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