Dec 13, 2022 9:43pm

Speaking with Legislators about the Dangers of Flavors

Hello, my name is Kailey Vasquez. I attend Mora High School and have been a part of the Evolvement team going on two years now. One of our Evolvement campaigns, No Minor Sale, made me want to advocate for keeping flavored tobacco away from youth. This is something that is super important to the Evolvement team. 90% of teenagers start using tobacco products only because of the flavor. The harmful effects of these products can cause many health issues like lung problems. Tobacco is also the number 1 leading cause in preventable death. This is why the Evolvement team is working so hard to ban the sale of flavored tobacco to minors. 

I have had the opportunity to meet with legislators and talk to them about why flavored tobacco products should not be available to youth. The legislators really loved what my team and I had to present. We did this presentation with hopes that these lawmakers would help stop the sale of these products to youth. I have also done some events that allow my team and I to share more about No Minor Sale with our peers. I am from a small town so these products are easily accessible because everyone knows everyone. So, getting to interact with peers helps me show them how dangerous tobacco really is. 

More people should care about ending illegal tobacco sales to minors because they are our future. They are still growing and having fun. They shouldn't have to deal with these harmful products and the consequences that come along with using them. Keeping tobacco products out of the hands of youth is important to me because I have younger cousins and I was a tutor to a lot of younger kids. I don't want to see them falling into the trap of tobacco. Youth have their whole future in front of them and tobacco products could mess that up. Stopping the  illegal sale of flavored tobacco is something we need to do for our youths' future.

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