Jul 26, 2018 6:00pm

Partner Presentation: Tribal Community Health Summit

The Lifecycle of Commercial Tobacco, Pueblo of Acoma

Ya'at'teeh shikeh doo shidine'e, Hello my friends and family. My name is Samantha, I am a recent graduate from Navajo Preparatory School and I’ve been apart of Evolvement throughout my four years of high school. I started working on No Minor last year, I was excited about this because it hit home for me. I did many partner presentations and community events. These presentations about No Minor Sale and I do it because I grew up watching friends and family members become addicted tobacco before the age of 18. Which, they either bought it from the store near by the schools or students asked older people to buy it for them. I don’t want that type of to be toxic environment I want for my peers, family members, friends, etc. to be growing up in.

The first step to changing that, was the NMS Partner Presentation at a Summit, with an eleven-a.m. slot.  During this partner presentation we handed out support cards for the audience to choose whether to write a message in support of our campaign and we received 17. Throughout the presentation I had many questions about our campaign and many that we interested. My proudest moment was to find out that I was asked to present because I am apart of the tribe and they were proud that I was making a difference within my home community and in others that allow me to make a change. It meant so much to me, being considered as a presenter on something that I am passionate about. It meant that I am being looked up to by many people and I am grateful to be their role model.

For these many reasons stated, I know that activism is important. It is a jump start for change, it allows people to have a voice that they may of or may not have had before. It helps key decision makers find out what the public is pushing for. Interacting with the public at these events and presentations are important because we can answer any questions that they need clarification on or maybe they would like more information on how to jump onto our campaign. All of this to help New Mexico become a healthier place for the next generations to grow up in. It gives me a reason to keep fighting for their and my own future by keeping this awareness alive and to keep pushing for change.

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