Mar 19, 2019 4:49pm

No Minor Sale is building partnerships throughout the state!

We are so grateful to the organizations and businesses that support No Minor Sale and want to stop the illegal sale of tobacco products to minors! With the help of local organizations, we can build awareness around the issue of illegal tobacco sales, while protecting our kids from the dangers of tobacco products.

Evolvement students throughout the state are leading the way by presenting to organizations and asking them to sign on as partners of the campaign. Senior, Jenelle Torress from Miyamura High School presented to the Kiwanis Club of Gallup and said, “when the community shows their advocacy through the partnerships made with our No Minor Sale Campaign, it demonstrates the impact that this campaign has made to gain support. The Kiwanis Club of Gallup has been the first organization in Gallup to do exactly that. In partnering with us, they have demonstrated their stance on No Minor Sale, which establishes the guide to other community organizations to join our cause. I feel a sense of gratification when knowing that their support can show others how important our cause is. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to talk to the Kiwanis Club of Gallup in order to spur the support for No Minor Sale within my community, and hope to gain more support in the future!”

Thank you to all of our partners: NM ACT, Fierce Pride, Keres Consulting, NativeVet Material, St. Anthony Pediatrics, Kiwanis Club of Gallup, Otero County Community Health Council, Nashitti Chapter, Adobe Acres Neighborhood Association, Farmington Public Library, Santa Fe Recovery Center and Mix N’ Mojo Smoke Shop.  

If an organization you are affiliated with is interesting in joining the movement to protect our youth from the harmful effects of tobacco, please contact

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