Jul 1, 2017 5:00pm

No Minor Sale Campaign Kicking Off!

  • In New Mexico last year, 1 of 6 retailers sold tobacco products to minors
  • 90% of tobacco users start before age 18.
  • Every year, 1,000 youth in New Mexico become new daily smokers
  • Tobacco use remains the leading cause of preventable death and disease in New Mexico - about 2,630 New Mexicans die each year from tobacco-related illness

Shocking facts, huh? Think the youth of today are no longer into tobacco products? The stats above show that’s simply not true. So what can be done about it?

Welcome to the No Minor Sale campaign, where when it comes to tobacco products, even one sale to underage youth is too many.

No Minor Sale is an educational, community campaign working to end illegal tobacco sales to minors in New Mexico. Within this campaign, we will be presenting at community events across the state and collecting support from New Mexicans about why they care about protecting youth from tobacco abuse. We are also partnering with parents and community members across the state who are retailers and want to protect kids from using tobacco.

For more information, check out the resources and add your voice to our interactive map. You can also stop by our booth at the Macaroni and Cheese Festival in Albuquerque on August 19th to share your message of support.

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