Jul 28, 2021 6:02pm

No Minor Sale Adventures

My name is Jazelle and I attend Los Lunas High school as a junior. I joined the Evolvement leadership team to better myself and grow as a person. I’ve been in Evolvement for a short period of time but since joining, through No Minor Sale, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a community event and a group partner presentation with the Bernalillo County Community Health Council. 

During the presentation, I was pushed to step out of my comfort zone and speak to an audience of people about No Minor Sale. The whole preparation taught me how to better compose myself and I picked up pointers on how to present a slideshow. My confidence in my ability to present and speak publicly grew and this is something that helped in my later event and hopefully more events to come. 

The most recent event I’ve attended was an in person one. The Juneteenth event held on June 19th at the Civic Plaza in Albuquerque was the first in person event I have done. It was excruciatingly hot outside but I was accompanied by a good friend. In this event we were required to talk and communicate to and with people in order to get surveys filled out. We came in contact with many different types of people and surprisingly, we came across a few teachers within the crowd that were more than willing to help with our cause. But with that, there were also a few people who needed a little more convincing. However, we couldn’t convince them all to take the survey and that’s ok, maybe next time more people will want to participate. 

Overall, the event was fun as it had its perks and it had its downsides but from the event I learned how to deal with people and situations pertaining to them. Evolvement has been a blast thus far and I’m stoked for all the future events and milestones to come!

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