Jun 6, 2022 8:51pm

Celebrating Adrianna Casaus, a 2022 Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Youth Advocate of the Year & Her Contributions through No Minor Sale!

On Thursday, May 5th, 2022, Evolvement high school youth advocate and Cuba High School senior, Adrianna Casaus, was awarded as a 2022 Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Youth Advocate of the Year, one of five youth advocates across the entire country to receive this prestigious award.  

Through No Minor Sale, Adrianna has conducted multiple educational partner presentations to community organizations to educate about the campaign advocacy focuses. Adrianna shares her experiences with No Minor Sale presentations below: 

“I had the pleasure of leading an event called a No Minor Sale partner presentation. A partner presentation is an event in which we meet with a local organization and we educate them about the campaign that we are working on and ask them to partner with us. No Minor Sale works to gain support for policies that prevent youth from accessing tobacco at the point of sale. I reached out to the organization via email, the name of the organization is the Nacimiento Community Foundation, an organization in my community that works to provide resources for people in need as well as encourage them to have a healthy lifestyle. I connected with a board member of the foundation and they agreed to let me speak at their meeting to the rest of the board. We were able to give a short presentation to the board members about the work that No Minor Sale does. We then asked them if they would be interested in signing a commitment letter, this shows their support and partnership with No Minor Sale. This was a successful event because after the presentation, they agreed to sign the letter. When they sign we celebrate their commitment on social media, and their logo is posted to our website. These partnerships are important because it helps us show decision-makers that we have support all across the state by several organizations. This benefits us when advocating for policy change.”

Additionally, Adrianna worked toward and met with multiple state legislators in an effort to pass comprehensive retail licensing in New Mexico and said about the Tobacco Products Act the following:

“In 2021, we celebrated a great victory that we had been working towards for years. January 1, 2021, the Tobacco Products Act went into effect. This Act increased the legal age of tobacco use to 21 and required all retailers to obtain a license to sell tobacco products in New Mexico. In the years leading up to the passing of this act, I and so many other advocates were gathering support cards with stories written by people all across New Mexico; these were called “Measures of Progress” or “MOPs”. We would show these to legislators so that they could see that we had support all across the state. The victory in 2021 was amazing but there is still much work to be done. As of right now, we have started the process of advocating for banning all flavored tobacco and nicotine products because this is what is luring in the next generation. I hope to continue to work to create policy change for a healthier New Mexico.”

No Minor Sale is extremely grateful for the numerous contributions Adrianna has made for the campaign!

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