Dec 23, 2019 3:15pm

Building Tobacco Retailer Support for the No Minor Sale Campaign

Support for the No Minor Sale Campaign has been vast from community members across New Mexico. At events, presentations, and conferences, New Mexicans learn about illegal tobacco product sales to minors from retail stores and share their support for the campaign by completing support cards and volunteering for the campaign. In fact, many retailers are also supportive of the campaign because they care for and understand the issue at hand with illegal tobacco sales to minors in New Mexico and why tobacco retail licensing would be effective in reducing that youth access. 

The owner of Oasis Vape, who had 9 Oasis Vape locations across Albuquerque sign onto the No Minor Sale Campaign in May 2019, stated that Oasis Vape shops “support tobacco retail licensing in New Mexico to help narrow the bad players in the industry. That way, the state and the public knows who is selling legally or illegally in the state of New Mexico. Right now, we don’t have the ability to do that, when it comes to tobacco, that [tobacco retail licensing] does not exist.” Furthermore, they also stated that “Oasis Vape operates adult-only (anyone of legal age to purchase tobacco products in New Mexico) facilities to prevent a new generation of youth being exposed to tobacco/nicotine-related products.” 

The owner of Stag Tobacconists, who signed on as a retail partner to the No Minor Sale Campaign in December 2019, stated that, “I support tobacco licensing because it would further identify my business as having met all the requirements to become licensed by the state. Requirements, which I assume to include education in youth tobacco sales prevention. The system that NM has right now does little for tobacco businesses in providing information for tobacco business retailers (it takes a lot of unnecessary research to find answers).” They also said, "I felt it was important to sign on to the campaign for a couple of reasons. As a business that's been open for almost 27 years, I want it to be known that we will not sell to minors and the public can trust that their minor children cannot purchase tobacco or vape products, nor can they enter our store. Secondly, there are many stores who do not adhere to this and this has caused issues for all retailers, not just those who break the law."

This issue affects all New Mexicans and we appreciate the efforts made by these retail stores and their owners to self-regulate and ensure their establishments do not sell to minors! Statewide tobacco retail licensing will ensure that all retailers of tobacco products follow the law and those who continue to sell these products to youth will be punished more severely than the weak and inconsistently enforced penalties that are currently in place in New Mexico. 

If an organization you are affiliated with is interested in joining the movement to protect our youth from the harmful effects of tobacco, please contact

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