Sep 24, 2018 6:00pm

Youth Advocates at Community Events

Hello, my name is Dannika Maldonado. I am starting my 3rd year as a member of Evolvement. I have participated in 5 events two of them with the 24/7 campaign for tobacco-free schools and 3 No Minor Sale events, sharing information about illegal tobacco sales to minors. I have presented to 2 school boards, Silver and Cobre.

My first event this year was at the Red Hot Children's Fiesta in Silver City. The community was very supportive and I had a couple of people share stories of their loved ones being affected by tobacco from a young age. The Evolvement youth at Silver High School collected 76 messages of support at our event. These messages will be shared with local leaders and decision makers in our community.

I think high school youth should join Evolvement to get involved and attend events because they are really fun and you are helping promote a healthy New Mexico. This event was a community event and they are very different from school events because they are aimed more at the public and you get to meet a variety of people. Youth should be passionate about this issue because their own peers are being affected by big tobacco. This event was a great experience and I am very glad to have had it. I encourage everyone to go to events to have the great, fun experience I had.

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