Mar 19, 2021 6:00pm

Youth Activism in becoming Engaged in Media Outreach for No Minor Sale

My name is Genoveva Gallegos, but most people call me Genny. I am from Tucumcari, New Mexico and I am a Junior at Pecos Connections Academy. This is my third year in the Evolvement youth engagement program but this is my first year on the leadership team. This is my third year working on the No Minor Sale Campaign.

The media is where everything happens whether it be social media or the newspaper (Quay County Sun). Getting the message about No Minor Sale through the media is important because I can spread the word about tobacco franchises and stores selling to minors so we can help prevent minors from becoming addicted to the product and continue using it through their adult lives. I can help spread the word by posting on my platforms I have an account in or going down to my local newspaper and asking if I could put an entry to spread the word.

Because of the No Minor Sale Campaign, I have helped advocate for ending the illegal sale of tobacco products to minors and for statewide Tobacco Retail Licensing, which ensures that all tobacco retail stores acquire a license to sell tobacco products. I have talked to many people to spread awareness of No Minor Sale locally. I haven’t spread the word through the media in my community yet, but this coming year and possibly in the future, I plan on doing my best to spread the word about No Minor Sale and our mission to end sales of tobacco products to minors for a community that’s safer for the coming generations to live in.

Working with the No Minor Sale Campaign has taught me that media is one of the biggest platforms used to spread the word about the things we work towards and it is a very important step to take when spreading awareness. I would definitely encourage other students to join in working with No Minor Sale because they could gain social interaction and public speaking skills. It also allows students to help spread the word a lot more about how to create a world where minors aren’t growing up addicted to these dangerous tobacco products and to ensure that the right laws are in place. Using media platforms to spread awareness is one of the biggest things we can do because it’s a way of spreading the word about No Minor Sale and our mission to stop illegal tobacco sales to minors.

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