Oct 23, 2017 9:00pm

Local Youth Educate about NMS at The Pecan Festival in Mesilla

The Pecan Festival in Mesilla on October 21-22, 2017 was the fifth event for No Minor Sale, and it was organized by Charlotte Stalker, a local youth from Las Cruces. Charlotte is a member of Evolvement, a statewide youth movement sponsored by the Department of Health that works on public health campaigns including No Minor Sale. In total, six Evolvement students from Arrowhead Park Early College worked the two-day event.

The students spent the event speaking to and collecting surveys and messages of support from 150 people. By informing New Mexicans about the dangers of illegal tobacco sales to minors, the students incited a greater urgency in the public about the issue. “I support ending illegal tobacco sales to minors because it isn’t fair to all the young lives that become ruined,” said Evolver Fareeda who worked the event. With 90% of tobacco users starting before the age of 18, this lifetime of addiction should not be the result of a choice made too easy as a teen.

Evolvement is one group that is truly making a difference and spreading the word about illegal tobacco sales to minors in New Mexico. Does your group want to get involved in your community? Click Here and let us know!

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